The Cheapest way to trade PNK on ERC20 [using 0% Swapr fees and 70–60 Gwei]

Here you can see Swapr has 0% trade fees

The cheapest way to trade PNK is using, here you find swap fees around 0,6% and 0,90%. When executing the swap you can also edit the ETH gas fees down to 60 Gwei to avoid high gas fees — Be mindful that this gas edit will result in your transaction being confirmed in over 24 hours.

Why is this so cheap?

As the trade is routed directly to other platforms, Swapr doesn´t charge swap or network fees.

How much can you expect to spent in total?*

In this example transaction — for being the first time — I have spent a total of $58 worth of ETH (aprox. 70 Gwei due to the PNK swap unlock contract). And it got confirm within 10 hours.

Later transactions will only take the Gwei you set for the swap — which you could set on 60 gwei of even less. But be mindful that this will result in waiting more time to get your transaction confirmed.

How to Trade PNK on Swapr step by step

1. Go to and connect your Metamask wallet

2. Setup the Trading pairs

  • Once connected, click the ETH symbol and a panel will appear
  • Type PNK
  • Press Enter

The Pinakion (PNK) token will automatically appear in Swapr interface.

Repeat the same with the other pair. In this case, I used DAI because it offered less slippage in contrast with USDT.

3. Unlock/Approve the PNK swap contract

Only for the first time, you´ll need to approve the swap contract, for that:

  • Click approve contract
  • Pay the fees of the contract
The contract fees are very low (Around 20–30 Gwei)

Note: you can also edit this gas fees

Once confirmed, this pop-up will appear confirming you the transaction is pending and then approved.

Note: By clicking “View on Block Explorer” it wil redirect you to the transaction hash on

4. Execute the trade/swap

Once the contract is executed, you can go ahead with the swap, for that:

  • Choose the platform with the lower fees
In this case, I picked Sushiswap since it offered 0,60% in swap fees, against Uniswap which offered 0,90%
  • Then click Swap
  • This pop-up will appear, click confirm

Metamask will ask to confirm the transaction, here is where you edit the fees and take it down to 60 Gwei or less — only do this if you´re willing to wait for 24h for the transaction to complete.

Note: This particular transaction took 10 hours to confirm using 60 Gwei

Edit the fees down to 60 Gwei to save ETH. Be mindful that fulfilling this transaction might take 24 hours to complete.
  • Click Save and then confirm

5. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed

Once you click confirm, this pop-up will appear confirming you the transaction has been submitted.

In the meantime, you can click “View on block explorer” to see how the transaction is doing. It will look like this:

In Swapr it will appear like this:

7. Transaction Confirmed

When your transaction is fully confirmed, in will appear like this:

While in Swapr it will appear this pop-up

Hope this guide is helpful 😁

If you know of any other way to do these transactions in the cheapest way, please send me your ideas through Telegram or Discord.

[Editor´s Note: I´m aware Bridging to xDai might be a better solution, yet, since I many users might still don´t know how to bridge tokens and find themselves in a hurry — as I did at the moment 😅 —, I wanted offer them a guide. I´ll be studying this option and soon enough I´ll make a guide for it].

Telegram: @econparra

Discord: econparra#9959

I am also availabe if you would like me to create another kind of guide for Kleros UX.

Thank you for reading 😄

Also thanks to Infinity for donating me $100 worth of ETH to make a this guide possible. You´re a great fren, sir.




I´m Working to leave the world better than I found it | ♥ #Bitcoin & #Ethereum | #Economics Student | #Marketing Passionate | #Health enthusiast

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🔎Isaac Parra🔎

🔎Isaac Parra🔎

I´m Working to leave the world better than I found it | ♥ #Bitcoin & #Ethereum | #Economics Student | #Marketing Passionate | #Health enthusiast

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